Hungary is a lot
more than Budapest...

And we gonna prove it
to you !

We have been organizing tours for our Guests over the last few years, as we know Hungary well and have seen what people like the most to see and to experience, we have developed our tours to suit your needs the best.
They are organized to and from Budapest, we pick you up by car and deliver you to the city at any place you want at the end of the trip.
As we do it by car, it's ideally for 1-4 people, but it's possible to organize a second car too, so in case you are more, feel free to ask and we try to arrange a good solution for you!

Danube bend tour

The Danube Bend Tour is an unforgettable tour with stops in Visegrád, Esztergom and Szentendre. We depart in the morning from Budapest and get back typically in the late afternoon.

We start the tour in Esztergom, which is about 60 km north of Budapest, the charming city isn’t just a place, it was the capital of Hungary from the 10th to the 13th centuries, seeing off a couple of Mongol invasion attempts in the 13th century, only to fall into ruin under the Ottomans as Buda prospered. It’s still the headquarters of the Hungarian Catholic Church, hence the massive neoclassical 19th-century Bsilica on the Castle Hill. The Basilica is also the resting place of the trenchantly anti-communist Cardinal Mindszenty, who died in exile, but whose posthumous homecoming in 1991 has made it a place of pilgrimage for Hungarian right-wingers. Climb the narrow steps to the top of the cupola for stupendous views - that’s Slovakia on the other side of the river.

Then we head to Visegrád: we walk on the 750 year-old stones of the former Royal Palaced enjoy the fascinating panorama on the Danube Bend.
The last stop is Szentendre, which is called the town of artists. It is a small baroque city at the gate of the Danube Bend, at the meeting place of the river Danube and the Pilis mountains, in a beautiful natural environment. We walk around the baroque settlement, built on medieval ruins and go up the narrow streets to the panorama point to see the Danube. We then simply enjoy the special atmosphere of this village. You can also take the opportunity to visit the museums (for example the world-famous Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum, the Confectionery Museum-with buildings and people made of marzipan), or you can choose to visit the shops of the village.


1 person 99 € l 2 persons 79 €/person l 3 persons 69 €/person l 4 persons 59 €/person

Eger day trip

This tour takes you to the baroque town called Eger, which is about 130 km north of Budapest, Eger is an extremely pleasant historic town, the site of an Ottoman siege in 1552, set amid the gentle Bukk mountains. The downtown has been called the Baroque Pearl of Europe and is worthy of a film location. We'll start the trip with a visit to the historical center and once you have had your fill of castles, churches and the like, we head a short way out of town for what makes Eger really worth visiting: Szépasszonyvölgy, which translates as: the Valley of Beautifull Women and is the centre of local wine production. There are dozens of small wineries selling cheap and good quality plonk out of dark cellars.

This is where to find the famous Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood), Hungary’s dry red blend of Eger wines. Those with a non Hungarian palate might want to avoid Médoc Noir, a rich sweet red. We depart Budapest typically in the morning and we arrive back in the evening, depending on how you enjoy the Szépasszonyvölgy...


1 person 99 € l 2 persons 79 €/person l 3 persons 69 €/person l 4 persons 59 €/person

Balaton lake trip

As the Lake Balaton is a bit further our tour consists of a trip which includes a night down at the lake. We depart Budapest in the morning and get back the other day in the afternoon (also possible to do it within a day with an early start).
Our first stop is the cultural capital of the lake, Keszthely, the Baroque Festetics Palace, today a museum, is one of the finest monuments in the Balaton region. We visit the park and the castle.
After that we head to the town called Hévíz, which is famous about it's unique vulcanic lake, andyou can have a swim if you like.

We continue the trip towards east and visit the finest parts of the Northern shore and see the most spectacular views and themost beautiful landscapes of Hungary (here a cave tour or a visit to a medieval castle ruin can be included). In the evening we head to Zánka, where we'll spend the night in our summer house.
In the evening we head up to a winery, where in the wine cellar we try the best wines of the region, while looking down at the lake from the hilltop.
The next day we visit the Tihany penninsula, Balatonfüred and possibily the city of Veszprém before we head back to Budapest.


1 person 149€ l 2 persons 99 €/person l 3 persons 89 €/person l 4 persons 79 €/person